Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nature heals cancer 55

In April of 2008 Erica's mother, Akie Shinya was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. She was told by doctors trained in western medicine, that if she did not take chemotherapy treatment she would only live for six months. If she took the chemotherapy therapy she had a fifty percent chance of living for another five years. The lymphoma had spread to her lungs and esophagus resulting in a nagging cough. She had also taken rheumatism medication for five years to reduce its pain.
On the 23rd of May Erica traveled from the states to Hiroshima where her mother lives and began to do natural therapy with her mother. It included natural or healthy eating and several specific natural treatments to strengthen her mother's vital organs. This included yam and ginger compresses, Japanese medlar or loquat and heat compress. At the same time she began to gradually reduce her rheumatism medication so as to be free of chemicals in her body.
Three weeks later her coughing began to change and increasingly became less frequent. Still she had severe pain in her body brought on by the reduction of rheumatism medication. Here you see Erica(right) her sister(left) with her mother in the center in early June of 2008 .

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