Thursday, June 17, 2010

Uganda ceremony

One of the highlights of the ceremony was when a public official spoke. He referred to me as "one who has come home." He suggested that "I left as slave but returned as master." What was clear is that the people of the small town of Pader have claimed me as their own. It was a wonderful feeling to be in that moment with this African community and to feel the connection and appreciation.
The Anthony Brown Comprehensive School has many needs. There is need for desk top computers and a connection to the internet. They need more class rooms and expertise in developing an academic track to their curriculum to compliment their vocational programs.
These formerlly abducted child soldiers are eager to learn. I was impressed with their focus and discipline. They work hard but without the neccessary resources to advance their education, it will be difficult for them to compete. Friends of Orphans has created a place for them to learn. Now I must work together with others to help them advance in their lives. What an exciting challenge!

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